So how do Iparticipate?

Step 1

Register Online

Step 2

Enter Water & Energy Data in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

Step 3

Share Data with Watts To Water

To enjoy the benefits of the Watts To Water Program, participants must do the following: register with Watts To Water; use ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to enter and share water and energy consumption data from the most recent two calendar years. Eligible participants include office buildings, medical office buildings, multi-family, and hotel buildings over 5,000 square feet.

Easy instructions are below. If you require technical assistance with ENERGY STAR, contact Patty Crow or Kate Gregory at Environmental Protection Agency – Region 8.

Step 1

Register with Watts to Water

Fill out the Watts to Water registration form here. We will process your registration once received.


Amanda Timmons

303.312.6164 Phone


    Building Information

    Property Manager

    Building Engineer / Facilities Manager


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    Step 2

    Enter Water & Energy Data in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

    All Watts to Water participants are required to share water and energy consumption data through an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account. Entering data is easy and can be obtained from your monthly utility bills. If you don't yet have an account, click here to get started. If you already have an existing Portfolio Manager account, please enter your data under your existing account.

    As a reminder, we are only tracking water and energy consumption from the most recent two calendar years. Contact EPA if you have any trouble entering your data.



    Patty Crow
    US EPA Region 8, 
    ENERGY STAR® Program

    303.312.6464 Phone
    303.312.6044 Fax


    Kate Gregory
    US EPA Region 8
    ENERGY STAR® Program

    303.312.6175 Phone
    303.312.6044 Fax


    Share your data in the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Tool

    New to using ENERGY STAR?  Contact us for help.

    Existing Users:  Login to Portfolio Manager

    1. Go to Contacts (upper right corner)
    1. Enter “wattstowater” to search for a new contact
    1. Connect
    2. We will accept your Connection Request
    3. Next, share your data (Share or Edit Access to a Property)
    1. Provide at least Read Only access to all building details, energy and water meters (both energy and water use must be tracked to qualify for the program)
    2. Finally, maintain your data.  By March 31st of each year, the prior year’s data must be complete (for example, all energy and water bills going through December 31st must be entered into ENERGY STAR).

    Step 3

    Share Data with Watts To Water

    Sharing your data is easy and fast! After registering online on our webpage, we will send you an email titled “Sharing with Watts to Water”. Follow the step by step instructions in the email. Once you have shared your data, you will be eligible for the current year’s Watts To Water Awards.

    • Click the name of your facility
    • Verify that all energy, water and occupancy data for 2010 & 2011 is input
    • Go to Sharing Data section and Add User to Share this Facility
    • Enter “WattstoWater” and click continue
    • Choose the read only option
    • Click DONE

    The deadline for entering and sharing data is March 15th each year. To qualify for an award, please make sure that your property is shared with the Watts To Water Portfolio Manager account AND that your property has accurate energy and water consumption data logged in Portfolio Manager for previous two (2) calendar years.

    For technical assistance, contact Patty Crow or Kate Gregory at EPA Region 8.