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How to participate and the benefits therein.

Watts To Water is a metro-wide sustainability program based in Denver, Colorado that is dedicated to the reduction of energy and water consumption.

Participants in the Watts To Water program will tackle the environmental effects of Denver’s built environment, which accounts for 52% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, with the commercial and industrial sector accounting for 35% of that. Additionally, commercial water use accounts for about 17% of total water consumed from any given public supply. Denver Water’s commercial customers consume 14.7 billion gallons of water annually.

The goal of the Watts To Water program is to create a more sustainable built environment in the Denver metropolitan area. By using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager as a benchmarking tool, the Watts To Water partners help properties reduce their energy and water consumption rates by offering program participants free educational sessions, technical support and rebate programs. Watts To Water will teach office and hotel property managers how they can be more sustainable – environmentally and economically.

In order to take advantage of this program, properties must register with Watts To Water and share their data in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

Benefits to all participating properties who register and share data include:

  • Complimentary technical support from ENERGY STAR technicians
  • No cost online review of benchmarking data
  • Recognition in Denver area publications and on the Watts To Water website
  • Free educational programs on how to reduce consumption, engage tenants, get a positive return on investment for capital improvements and more
  • Access to rebates and other programs to lower the costs of adjusting building operations and/or materials

In addition to the above benefits, the Watts To Water partners will award the program participants who demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through significant improvement in water and energy consumption data. For awards criteria and process, go to the Awards tab.


To enjoy the benefits of the Watts To Water Program, participants must do the following: register with Watts To Water; use ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to enter and share water and energy consumption data from the most recent two calendar years.

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So how do Iparticipate?

Step 1

Register Online

Step 2

Enter Water & Energy Data in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

Step 3

Share Data with Watts To Water